Kootenay Range Peak, 2004

I made this image while driving home from Banff Canada with my father.  He and I have made many trips up to Canada over the years.  I climbed my first mountain outside of Banff in 1989.  But that isn't where this image was made!

We were near Canal Flats and the day had been mostly gray but as it got into evening the clouds starting opening up and the light was amazing on the Kootenay range of peaks.  It was so beautiful I just had to take the next exit off the main highway which happened to be the entrance to White Swan Provincial park.  I drove up a long dirt road to a high spot and this is what was staring back at me.  I love how the brightest cloud at the top of the image mirrors the shape of the white peak below.  We stayed and watched the alpenglow before returning back to our sojourn home in the dark.