2017-18 Professional Development

Here is a summary of video lectures I have created during the 2017-18 academic year.


Photo Composition Lectures

Visual Communication with Triptychs and Juxtaposition


Digital Retouching Tutorials

How to build basic color correction ACTIONS in Photoshop

How to build a frequency separation retouching ACTION in Photoshop

How to build a skin texture retouching ACTION in Photoshop




Portfolio Development Lectures:

How to create portfolio rules


How to design a portfolio using Adobe InDesign


How to make a video artist statement/artist profile 


Business Practices Lectures

Lecture 1:  Building a Business Model

Lecture 2: Defining your career goals

Lecture 3: Building a financial business model

Lecture 4: Product Development

Lecture 5: Pricing Models

Lecture 6: Target Markets

Lecture 7: Marketing and Advertising

Lecture 8: Legal Issues 

Lecture 9: Starting a small business overview part 1

Lecture 10: Starting a small business overview part 2