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Artist Statement: “My fine art practice is a visual meditation on the ineffable essence of life. Incorporating the study of Taoism and Zen as well as a survey of scientific research into the subconscious physical and mental responses to visual stimuli (particularly fractal patterns) I use my camera to create notan studies of people, places, and primordial botanical elements. Through this work I am attempting to transcend the limitations of language and create a philosophical space for contemplation and self-reflection.”
Leaving HomeA Witness to AweDhalia CometForest ZenFlowers TalkPythagoras' InspirationGrowing ApartLeaf RiverDancingSpruce BranchForest FloorSuspended LeafFractal FlowersNature RebirthTree of LifeHawaiian Bird of ParadiseHanging OrchidsLeaf FortressHawaiian Leaf DetailEmergence