Primoridal: Artist Statement


This photographic series, Primordial, presents an intersection of ideas drawn from Neo-Platonism, Zen, and Taoist art practices as a means of re-imagining a harmonious relationship between humans and nature within a framework of universal equality.

I have created images representative of the primordial landscape; an imagined time before harsh words, culturally formed gender inequities, and the idea of dominion over nature that has lead to environmental destruction.

From Neo-Platonism comes the idea of divine universal forms (EIDOS), and it’s influence on Judeo-Christian and Islamic thought. From Zen and Taoism I have reinforced ideas of simplicity, mindfulness, and nondualism, which recognize that all individual life forms are interconnected and equal. I am thus examining the processes of enlightenment between East and West to illuminate their shared reverence for nature and spiritual emancipation.

Methodologically speaking, the modeling work was completed in a single marathon studio session within the confines of a nine-foot seamless paper background. Choreography of the blurred time exposures were clarified with multiple flashes of studio lights.  The botanical elements were photographed primarily in Hilo, Hawaii and Priest Lake, Idaho.





Birth of Pontus































5223872765223872763d bright interior setup with ceiling lamp and blank frame canvas

Individual Panels are 96"x48" Metal Prints or 48"x24" Archival Giclee Canvas Gallery Wraps



This collection is available in a custom made leather  and crystal glass "lay-flat" portfolio hand crafted in Italy.


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