Dry Falls Sage, 2004

Washington State is an amazing place. It has all 5 of the major climate zones within its boundaries.  One of my favorite spots to explore is near Dry Falls and Sun Lakes State Park.  I made this image with my 4x5 field camera while on a photo safari with a good friend.  I was drawn to the rock in the background because it reminded me of Arizona, particularly the area near Sedona.  I can hear those old cowboys singing the song about tumbleweeds!


I love the smell and beauty of Sage find the perfect specimen to place in front of the iconic Umatilla rock formation.   I hiked around while keeping an ear out for rattlers until I found this single sinewy sage that stood out from all the rest.  


After making this print I have always seemed to connect it to the idea of the biblical story of Moses and the burning bush.  There is something about being in rugged terrain that brings out a spiritual nature in me.