Welcome to the Bozzi Collection Gallery Show
May 2nd - 28th

I have been a photographer for 25 years.  This collection of work is from my personal travels unrelated to professional assignments.  They are images that hold deep meaning to me and are like a collection of short stories about my life experiences.  

About the Images

Fiber based Silver Gelatin Prints:  Each print is a hand made traditional black and white photographic print and take up to 3 hours in the darkroom to produce.  Fiber based offer the greatest range of tonality and are made to archival standards.  Each print is selenium toned to convert the silver halides into a more stable and lightfast silver-selenium compound and are drymounted to museum quality conservation mat board.  These prints are offered as a limited edition of 25 prints matted to 16x20.  Larger "mural" sizes are available in editions of 10.   All prints sold are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and documented in our artwork registry.  


RC Silver Gelatin Prints: These prints are also made by hand but take much less time to produce because the emulsion sits on a plastic base that does not absorb the chemistry and therefore requires less wash time.  RC prints have a slightly reduced range of tonality as compared to fiber prints but offer excellent quality overall.  The overall permanence of these images is slightly less than a properly handled fiber based print.  RC prints should not be framed for the first 3 months after being made due to the possibility of "silvering out"  These prints are offered as a limited edition of 50 prints


About the Exhibit
If you have a smart phone you will be able to take a self guided tour of the exhibit.  Most images will have a QR code that will take you to a web page that provides background information about where and why the image was made.