Photography by Ira Gardner | Be Iconic


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Be Iconic: A Portfolio by Ira Gardner
Artist Statement:

Against a cacophonous backdrop of social media, political discord, and hashtag social activism these portraits represent my attempt to honor and celebrate the dignity of the enduring human spirit.

Through this work I am attempting to see beyond the stereotypes and clichés that tend to label and isolate people into categories of experiences, and instead elevate each individual to an iconic status that rises above ideology and creates a philosophical space for contemplation and appreciation.

The inspiration for this approach comes from my favorite poet Robert Frost, who wrote in 1925 that the job of a writer was to  “get up there high enough that the differences that make controversy become only the two legs of the body, the weight of which is on one side in one period, and on the other in the next.”   This work is my attempt to transcend the polemics of our times and illustrate the universal nature of what it means to be human.