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MONEDA MCAM(non-registered)
Moneda MCAM that fosters and promotes healthy and widespread usage and decentralization of the project through a specific reward linked to users’ transactions involving decentralized wallets. MCAM is created in November 2021 with the goal of being a decentralized project with true purpose. MONEDA’s mission is to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream. Unlike older, comparable projects, MONEDA introduces holders to next-gen concepts such as participation rewards, NFTs, decentralized exchanges, and more. Within the first month of its launch, MCAM created a history by surpassing a 13X growth and handsome numbers of holders.
GET MCAM(non-registered)
MCAM has launched its total supply through Halving Method that give Pricing Stability and growth, MCAM will release total supply in next 25 months, first month MCAM released 10% and after 1st month 3% per month of Total Supply. Get MCAM – This is the perfect time to earn passive income from MCAM, MCAM is one more impressive affiliate program where investors have unlimited possibility to get maximum return there is five types of income with Solitary Referral programTotal supply of MCAM is 6 million with auto burn of 2.5% of each transaction. MCAM stands for Moneda Crypto Asset Management is a Defi (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem redefining the crypto world with its solitary technology, unique features and utility in true means. Today onwards MCAM can be used for real meaning as moneda launched its first tokenized project to empower its users, holders and associates as well as to nurture the industry.
Moneda Crypto Assets Management Resource The board - MCAM was established by industry pioneers in the elective interest in Crypto industry. Moneda Asset Management S.A. operates as an investment management company. The Company offers asset management, equities, credit securities, investment strategies, financial planning, and advisory services. Moneda Asset Management serves customers in Latin America.
Moneda Crypto Resource The board - MCAM was established by industry pioneers in the elective interest in Crypto industry. MCAM is the main crypto resource the executives stage that permits customers to put assets in to the crypto blasting business sector with protection and security concern. MCAM has group of Crypto Specialists and investment consultant they work with customers to contribute their asset at ideal spot to guarantee greatest return
MCAM MONEDA(non-registered)
MCAM Moneda is aToken that will act as a payment mode with in the Moneda ecosystem. It is a TRC20 compatible token that is developed on Tron Network Chain.Users will get rewarded in Moneda tokensas well as other TRC20 Token due to its UNIQUE CRYPTO FAUCETFEATURE a. It will act as the main unit to settle all transactions on the network.
Used for utility bill payment, prepaid recharges, travel booking etc. Tokenization of fine art, digital art and entertainment content.Only 100 MCAM can be sold at one address in 24hours.
MCAM Moneda would launch the alpha version of its social service on block chain for practical and rapid business development. Through the launch and operation of the alpha version, various aspects of the blockchain-based service will be explored/researched, and these findings will be reflected in the beta version. The Protocol provides an optimized environment for using blockchain by service or corporations targeting large-scale users.
GET MCAM(non-registered) a DeFi Project on Tron link Pro dap backed by MCAM (Moneda Crypto Asset Management) organized its 2nd BlockChain & Crypto Summit in Goa. Before this event, India’s first-ever Blockchain Summit powered by MCAM was held at Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand. Consequently, the event was completely focused on Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, the Metaverse, and their wide-arriving at impact on the economy, culture, and communities. This GetMCAM Blockchain Summit Powered by MCAM’s point was to make people crypto educated and provided an unmatched networking opportunity for entrepreneur investors, developers, industry enthusiasts, and global media. The summit likewise highlighted a pitch contest for new companies from across the world that are planning to launch and also for those people who are now settled and need to grow their business.

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