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Artist Statement

In this portfolio of 14 serial photographs titled “Primordial” I am attempting to re-examine the historic concepts of dominion and a hierarchical order to the universe found throughout western ideology.

In this first chapter of images I am leveraging Greek and Judeo-Christian iconography and creation stories as a means of visualizing the world at its primordial origins while subconsciously drawing into question the direction language and culture has taken with regards to identity and the environment.  

Through this work I am visually examining the ways in which social interaction and the human form can emulate the intricate fractal patterns found in botanical plant species as well as the primal animalistic behaviors that contradict our traditional placement of humans as being separate from or above other life forms and each other.  

This series presents an intersection of ideas from Neoplatonism and Eastern philosophical art practices as a means of re-imagining a harmonious relationship between man and nature where we are placed within the framework of universal equality.