The kpinga was a throwing knife that was used by experienced warriors of the Azande tribe. The Zande people were residents of Nubia, a region in Africa composed of northern Sudan and southern Egypt. The knife (also known by its nickname, the Hunga Munga) was up to 22 inches long and had three blades that extended from the center. The blade closest to the handle is in the shape of a man’s genitals, and represented the masculine power of its owner. The alignment of the blades on the kpinga drastically increased the chances of impaling a target on contact. When the owner of the weapon was married, he presented the kpinga as a gift to the family of his wife.
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terimakasih informasinya di tunggu info selanjutnya
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For years, links have been the trust signal for search engines — one that SEOs spent the most time on optimizing (and often manipulating). But times are changing, and linkless mentions may be becoming an off-page signal of equal weight.
Q: How do I go about manual penalty removal?
Carefully read the notification message received from Google and look for penalization reasons highlighted and possible clues regarding how to solve the issue.
Analyze the problem. This process requires gathering data and can take time, possibly several weeks.
Fix the issue, ensure Google Webmaster Guidelines compliance going forward and document all steps taken.
Submit a short and to-the-point rationale along with the reconsideration request that documents the efforts you made to address the penalty. Make sure all claims are replicable. Do not negotiate or explain — just focus on what has been done to fix the problem.
Avoid major changes to the site while the request is being processed. Too many fluctuating search signals at one time won’t improve a site’s standing in Google.
When digging into a site, you typically want to get a feel for the site overall first, which would include an enterprise crawl (a larger crawl that covers enough of a site for you to gain a good amount of SEO intelligence). That does not mean crawling an entire site. For example, if a site has 1 million pages indexed, you might start with a crawl of 200-300K pages.
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