Natural Light and Studio Light

November 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I made these two still life photos just to experiment with how the quality of the light source changes the meaning of the photo.  The image above was made by putting my favorite camera on a piece of black plexiglass and lighting it with some spot lights and parabolic reflector floods. I used a graduated Neutral Density filter to balance out the reflection by knocking down the direct exposure of the camera just a bit.  

Lighting this way reminded me of how Paul Outerbridge and Edward Steichen advanced advertising product photography by making the product the hero of the shot with crispness.  

With this image it still has the artificial studio scenario of a painted backdrop but I made this image with window light where I actually changed the angle of the background and controlled the fall off by adjusting drapes to block off some of the light.  I added some recent tintype portraits of my parents to the wine barrel table and there I had it!  A nostalgic look for this old school camera.


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