Whimsical Art

October 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

After a very long and stressful day I decided to play with some images as a form of stress relief.  I had photographed this hedgehog while giving a composite photography demo last spring but never ended up doing anything with the image.  But today I had to!  I drove by a cemetary that had this shrub and stopped and photographed it in the rain and then I spotted this golden tree that still had leaves left that was growing in the middle of a parking lot and decided to combine them together with an image I had taken up in Canada on black and white film many years ago.  I hand colored the water and sky in Photoshop and was reminded of how popular adult color books have become!  The image isn't perfect by anymeans and I didn't stay within the lines with my coloring, but it FELT GOOD and I think it is the start of a new creative endeavor that will lead me in a different way towards Surrealism.  I am beginning to photograph objects and natural elements and have started cataloging them for future illustrations whenever the stress is just right!


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