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October 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This is my ethos....



 I made this quick handheld panorama while visiting Gifford-Hirlinger Winery a couple of weeks ago. I was following my GPS to this winery after getting several recommendations.  When I pulled in to where my GPS said I was supposed to be I soon realized I had pulled into a private driveway and was now followed in by a range rover.  A man in a seahawk jersey rolled down his window and said, "can I help you?" After explaining my predicament he smiled and told me to follow him down the dirt road that continued beyond the house.  It turns out I had just met Mike Berghan, the winemaker and owner of Gifford Hirlinger.  We had a good laugh, wonderful chat, and some incredible wines that are all made from his estate vineyard. 


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