Authentic Portraits

September 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I made these portraits for Jacob recently.  He is learning to drive his grandfather's old pickup truck so we decided to head out to a lake close by because it seemed like the perfect place to go when you have a pickup truck on a hot day!


As I looked back on the portraits I made of Jacob one word kept coming to mind..."Authentic".  I think what I am trying to convey in my portraits is a sense of authenticity.  This comes through with the choice of locations, the expressions, and the way in which the person interacts with the landscape around them.  Although this was a commissioned portrait session, I tried to find a narrative that fit the person I was photographing.  I think this is what differentiates this work from glamour photography.  With glamour photography there is a certain plastic feel to the imagery.  It is all just too perfect.  In these images the perfection comes from remaining natural and true to the spirt of the person I am photographing.


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